If you are looking for a memorial with Celtic design in the form of a Celtic cross, monument or marker, we will make it easy for you. Since 1992 High Cross Monument Co. has been creating fine memorials, specializing in the traditional artwork of the ancient Celts.

bbbseal3Whether you call it a memorial, a monument, a headstone or a tombstone, marking the resting place of a loved one with a piece of art is an eternal reflection of love.

Our work can be found all across the U.S., up into Canada and even out in the Caribbean.

Most of our customers are of Irish, Scottish or Welsh descent and for them our memorials serve as an eternal reflection of their proud heritage. However, other customers have no particular Celtic connection and chose our work just because they found it unique and beautiful!

They all chose us because they wanted more than the standard, mundane memorials that are offered everywhere.

We invite you take just a few minutes to go through the pages of our site. You will see hundreds of examples of our unique work to gather inspiration for your own memorial and learn how we make it easy for you to have one.

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Discover why High Cross Monument Co. is your best choice for memorials with traditional Celtic design!