"There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man's lawful prey. " - John Ruskin


Why Folks Choose Us

We offer memorials with traditional Celtic designwork that is correctly laid out and carved. We are the only monument builder in the country that fully understands traditional Celtic design. Consequently, our knowledge and expertise in designing and carving traditional Celtic designwork is unsurpassed. Our portfolio proves it. You will rarely see a memorial with acceptable Celtic designwork from anywhere else. It's just not what they do. It is what we do, and we do it correctly, every time, every day.

We offer convenience. Not even a local company will make the process of purchasing a memorial any easier. You never even have to leave your home. A few visits on the phone is usually all that is required. It is really a very simple process. 

We offer variety. Throughout this site you will be able to view a large number of pieces we have designed and carved for our customers. You will find all types of memorials; crosses, upright monuments and markers. The variety of finished memorials you will see is the result of carefully listening to what our customers like and want.

THE SIMPLE STEPS to a beautiful & meaningful memorial

We produce high-quality, personalized memorials for satisfied customers. There is a certain amount of interaction which must take place between the customer and the builder to assure good results.

We follow the four simple steps below to make it very easy for you, or your loved ones, to have a beautiful memorial with meaningful Celtic designwork.

1. We start by checking with your cemetery to find out if there are any memorial restrictions we need to consider when designing your memorial.

2. We talk with you and offer advice to help you in selecting the shape, size, type of stone, Celtic design, lettering style, etc. for your memorial. We give you price range estimates at this point.

3. Once we have established a basic concept and budget range, we put your ideas together in a color computer drawing showing exactly what your memorial will look like. We make installation arrangements and send you copies of a final drawing and a purchase agreement for your approval.

4. When your memorial is finished we will send you a photo to show it was made as promised. When the final payment is received your memorial will be shipped for setting.






Because of the quality of work shown on this site some people have made the unfortunate assumption that they couldn't afford a memorial from us. In fact we are just like any other monument builder, we offer memorials in all price ranges. The price of any memorial will vary depending on the type of stone, size, amount of carving and surface finishes used. Because of all the potential variables each memorial is priced individually. Whatever we ask for any piece of work is well within the norms of the industry for a roughly similar memorial.


Most customers are very pleasantly surprised to learn that the cost of shipping generally represents only around 10% of total cost for the average memorial. So please do not let needless concerns over shipping deter you from giving us a call. While most of our work goes to the Northeast and Midwest, we regularly ship monuments to all four corners of the country. Geographical distance is simply not a problem. We get large discounts on shipping which we pass along to you. This keeps the cost of shipping very reasonable. We also make all the necessary arrangements to have your memorial installed on a concrete foundation. Your monument is protected against loss or damage every step of the way. We are as close as your telephone and no one will make purchasing a memorial any easier.


The only way to assure your memorial will be to your liking is to purchase it yourself. Your memorial can be installed in the cemetery with only the final dates needing to be carved. Adding the final dates will be handled by a local professional. When you purchase your own memorial, you remove this future emotional and financial burden from your family. They will take comfort in the knowledge that the decision was yours and that you were truly happy with it.